Tips On Marketing Luxury Homes

There is a reason that some real estate agents and brokers specialize exclusively in luxury properties: it requires a specific skillset, and requires working with a unique type of client with unique needs and expectations. A luxury property is defined as a property that is valued within the top 10% ...

Help Sellers Choose Between Multiple Offers

Once a seller lists their house, the hope is that they will quickly receive an offer. Sometimes, multiple offers come in at once and sellers aren’t sure what to do. It can be a good problem to have, but it can also be overwhelming. They may not know what to say, how to evaluate the offers, or how ...


Why Home Staging Matters

Why Home Staging Matters

As newer agents, you will learn sellers usually fall into two categories: those that are excited about how staging can showcase their property and attract more buyers, and those who think of it as an unnecessary expense or a critique of their interior design style. If you’re dealing with sellers ...

Managing Home Inspection Fears During the Pandemic

Home inspections are a critical part of the home buying and selling process. A home inspection in a final stamp of approval; a go-ahead for a property that is in good shape or an opportunity to improve the condition of the property or make it safer. But we’re living in strange times right now, and ...

6 Ways to Generate More Real Estate Referrals

As a real estate professional, you want people talking about you. Generate more real estate referrals and you’ll drum up new business, but you have to work for them. To get someone to refer you to their friends, family, and coworkers, you have to earn their trust. You have to start earning ...

Agent Hacks: Four Ways To Get Your Listing To Stand Out

As a real estate professional, one of your main responsibilities is to market properties in a way that generates attention. Your clients are trusting you to market their home in a way that appeals to a broad audience and reduces the time it sits on the market. The secret to getting a listing to ...

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