“Why I Love Rejection” – Dale eMinute Learning Sample

“Why I Love Rejection”

Do you ever face rejection in your day-to-day – whether it be in business or life?

Most people don’t like to be shot down. Be different on how you deal with it. Being told “No” can actually be a good thing. You heard that right. When faced with rejection in any capacity, it is your attitude that helps shape your future success. Embrace the mindset that every “No” gets you slightly closer to a “Yes.”  Whether we want to admit it or not; life, sales and business is often about experiencing rejection before victory. When rejection occurs, it’s not what happens to us in the rejection that matters, it’s what happens in us that matters. When people tell you “No,” what they are really saying is “Not Yet.”  Let that soak in.

“It’s not what happens to us in rejection that matters, it’s what happens in us with rejection that matters.” 

Dale Vermillion, Mortgage Champions

Per mortgage sales expert Dale Vermillion, the key to success has always been the same – it’s to take that rejection, that “No,” and turn it into a “Yes.” If this doesn’t happen right away, simply accept it as part of the process to get closer to the next “Yes.” Focus on drilling down each rejection and asking questions to find out the why behind it. Most rejections are simply a stall before a commitment. By asking the right questions around the rejection you can find out why the sales process isn’t moving forward. Relish the mindset that rejection is all about moving through it, finding ways to convert the “No” into a “Yes,” and achieving greater success. Learn to love rejection. This is today’s Dale eMinute lesson.

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