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Formally OnCourse Learning, Mbition is a unique option because it caters their offerings to individual students as well as to brokers who are looking for group training solutions, specifically for a crop of soon-to-be agents they’ve recruited and are ushering across the prelicense finish line.

Mbition leads the field with top-notch exam prep as well as a growing list of continuing education options. With a wide variety of customizable packages, including combos of their real estate prelicense offerings with their exam prep solutions, Mbition provides solutions for students looking for everything from the most basic requirement fulfillment to deluxe preparation packages.

Mbition & Agent Factor Pricing

Mbition and Agent Factor offers prelicensure classes, exam preparation, and continuing education, as well as broker prelicense classes (where available). Pricing varies by state, ranging from about $129 to $599 for prelicensing. Make sure to check with Mbition for the exact pricing in your state, as well as what current discount promotions are available.

Mbition Pricing Summary

New York
$489 – $599
$129 – $339
$239 – $409
Exam Preparation
$79 – $129
$79 – $129
$59 – $129
Continuing Education Courses
$19 – $39
$14 – $34
$14 – $54
Broker Prelicensing Courses

Mbition’s prices are definitely competitive, and with their package customization options, you don’t pay for things you don’t need.

Mbition: Our Favorite Feature

Mbtion Favorite Feature

Mbition offers a wide variety of exam prep packages that really hit the mark.

Specifically, their Master Exam Prep Package includes an adaptive learning interface that tracks the questions you have trouble with during your practice tests and then gears the next round of review toward your weaknesses. With over 1,600 practice questions and eight full-length exams, you’re sure to go into your test day ready.

Mbition: Agent Factors Pick for Exam Preparation Courses

Mbition Exam Preparation Courses

If you’re a nervous test taker or just want to supplement the preparation you’ve received as a part of your prelicensure class, Mbition is the place to do it. Their exam prep options are great for individual students, in a group setting of almost-real estate agents at a local brokerage, or in the context of your prelicense class (where available) with Mbition.

Mbition: Most Useful Real Estate Continuing Education Course

Mbition Continuing Education Course

Are you ready to PARTY?! Then you need to sign up for the “Tax Free Exchanges” course. OK, we know, it doesn’t have the most glamorous title, but here’s why we’re excited about it.

First, it fulfills two hours of legal-focused continuing education, something that most real estate agents need every year.

Secondly, it costs $14. Seriously, you’re getting your legal requirement for less than the cost of lunch.

Lastly, 1031 and other tax-free exchange options are powerful buyer techniques that those who have established themselves financially use to leverage their wealth. That’s a crowd you want to hang with as a real estate agent; having some skills in this area is going to allow you to contribute to those conversations and start landing some of those investor clients with deep pockets.

Where Mbition Could Improve

Mbition’s continuing education options are relatively slim compared to other online real estate schools we looked at. There certainly are classes to choose from, but for those who are looking to use that education to further their own professional development instead of just fulfill a requirement, there aren’t a lot of options. This limits Mbition’s potential as a place you can return to for continuing education every year.

If fantastic continuing education options are important to you, we suggest checking Agent Factor.

Check Out Mbition

With so many options to choose from, Mbition is a great option for anyone looking for a customized experience tailored specifically to your learning style. Visit Mbition today and get started building your personalized real estate education experience.

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