4 Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Website Traffic

If you are a real estate agent, Google is your friend. To reach new clients, make more connections, and sell more houses–and just improve your real estate website traffic overall–you need to build a solid relationship with Google and its sometimes complicated algorithms. Keywords, SEO, ...

The 5 Hot (And Not-So-Hot) Real Estate Markets In 2021

Investors, agents, and real estate professionals are constantly looking for the hot real estate markets. Knowing which cities are supposed to have a strong economic surge and which cities are struggling can help agents create an effective marketing strategy. Buyers and sellers expect their real ...

Marketing Real Estate to Entrepreneurs and Homeschoolers

The pandemic has changed the American workforce and has allowed families to embrace non-traditional education options for their children. Families are turning their living rooms into classrooms and embracing homeschool life, while a huge influx of people are working remotely or starting their own ...

The 6 Traits of Real Estate Brokers Who Excel

If this is the time where you make the jump from agent to real estate broker, your success depends on your preparation. Top-performing agents take what they’ve learned from being an agent and use it to help them build successful teams, close deals, and make money. But there are also core traits of ...

Getting Sellers to Come Down on Overpriced Property

In an ideal world, you’ll work with sellers who are receptive to your feedback about their property and trust your expertise. The ideal seller will listen carefully to your input and be open to suggestions and constructive criticism if it means selling their home quickly and for the best price. But ...

Steps to Become to Real Estate Broker

If you’ve been a real estate agent for a while, you’ve probably dabbled in the idea of taking the next step toward becoming a real estate broker. If you’re ready to take what you’ve learned as an agent and become a successful broker, here are a few things you need to know.  The Benefits Of ...

Connecting with Gen Z Homebuyers

Generation Z is the generation that never knew a world without smartphones or the ability to pause, skip, and rewind live TV. They are innovative, diverse, tech savvy and entrepreneurial. They are eco-conscious, strong advocates for mental health, and have mastered the art of the perfect selfie. ...

5 Tips for Better Virtual Tours

The pandemic has made real estate agents get creative in their marketing techniques and adapt to a new way of doing business. Top-performing agents are taking what they learned in 2020 and applying it to their strategy for the new year. Virtual tours, 360-degree walkthroughs, and interactive floor ...

6 Ways For Real Estate Pros Use Zoom Effectively

It’s 2021, and we’re still learning how to work during a pandemic. And while most of us are hopeful that things will go back to “normal” in 2021, it doesn’t look like we will be going back to carpooling, crowded conference rooms, and small office spaces anytime soon. This means we have to make the ...

7 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Get Ready For 2021

2020 was an unconventional year, to say the least. But as we enter 2021, many people are ready for a fresh start and a new beginning. They’re ready to put the obstacles and challenges of 2020 behind them and head into 2021 with a sense of purpose, focus, and next-level success. Maybe 2021 is ...

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