How Newer Agents Are Increasing Engagment With Each Showing

As new agents, it’s really important to establish good habits right away. One very important good habit to establish right away is the follow up that happens after each home showing. Many agents, even the experienced ones miss this opportunity to strike when the “irons hot” and “top of mind” immediately after the home tours. Let me explain, most average agents take notes and send the follow-up email or text hours later with a recap of the day’s activities. Understanding when your client is most receptive to your message is something the very best agents have mastered. One of those times, your clients is most receptive to your message or instructions is immediately after the last showing with your client with a TEXT AND AN EMAIL.

Its been proven statically that SMS Text gets an over 85% open rate and when and when you add an email it not only get you a better re-engagement. Again, the secret sauce is in the timing, immediately after the showing. Through the use of SMS templates and email templates you can fire off the quick follow up communications on the fly to generate the perception that you are the right for the task.

The purpose to not only send a Text and Email is not fill their boxes with spam or useless chatter. So make what you send “of Value” and worthy to read.

Now that we know the purpose, the goal is to get your clients to re-engage and either write an offer or show more property.

Here is an example of an SMS Text Message to send after showing




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